Today, custom milling has become a way for homeowners to add a personal touch to their home. With our high-tech milling machinery we are able to create a vast array of millwork products.


Hillman Carpentry’s is a renovator's dream with the capacity to create any custom molding from a simple drawing. Whether you are trying to match a cove from a Colonial or recreate a picture rail from a Queen Anne, Hillman Carpentry has the expertise to make it happen.


We can create custom wood windows, doors, and moldings for restoring old traditional houses and historical buildings as well as new constructions. We can match an existing pattern for fire/water damage replacement, additions, and remodels, or you can create your own unique pattern.


Crown moldings and wider baseboards can add a new dimension to your home. Crown moldings offer you a sense of higher ceilings while wider baseboards give your floors a more "finished" appearance. The combination of the two can give a room an elegant ambiance.


If your home has a wall with an opening into another room, it can be enhanced with casings. Framing the opening with a 3"-4" molding offers a more prestigious appearance. Framing the windows achieves this as well.


Making these changes are very minor, yet extremely beneficial. You will feel as if you’ve moved into a new home, and your friends & family will be incredibly impressed. The biggest benefit is that it will increase the value of your home by more than the initial investment of having the work done.


We custom build wood windows, including reproduction of traditional and historical wood windows or custom design wood windows: double hung, single hung, fixed units, casements, awnings, arched top, gothic, attic, porch, transom windows - interior and exterior, storms sashes, screen sashes, and storm/screen combination insert sashes.

 Custom wood doors: We custom build wood doors - replication of existing or custom design doors; interior, exterior, entryway doors, arched top, gothic top, front, French doors, panel, solid wood. We can custom build doors only or complete units - pre-hung.


Custom wood moldings: We custom mill wood moldings: replication of existing moldings or custom design: crown moldings -interior and exterior, baseboard moldings, window trims, door trims, casings and any running trims.

Special custom millwork: Custom turnings - replication of existing or custom design. Custom wood columns - interior and exterior. Balusters, spindles, railings, hand and foot rails, newel posts - interior and exterior.  Rosettes or corner blocks.

Our custom milling machine can produce produces traditional and historical millwork to match existing profiles on windows, doors, and moldings. Our products are handcrafted the same way as our forefathers did a century ago.


Our focus is on helping you restore of maintain traditional houses and historical buildings to keep historic value in modern living.


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